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Write / Call Philadelphia City Council re Jan 27 Vote on Protecting Against Shale Gas Drilling

January 9, 2011

What: Philadelphia City Council is once again poised to help protect us — and our neighbors — from fracking in our watershed, on Jan 27th!

Why Now: This is much more urgent now that the DRBC has actively begun to lift the moratorium on gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin, setting such a short public comment period with so few public meetings.

What You Can Do:
Write an e-letter to every member of City Council right now

Where and When is the Vote?
On Thursday January 27th, 10am, Room 400, City Hall – City Council will hold a general meeting, hear testimony, and vote on additional Recommendations which would hold off on fracking in the Delaware River watershed. Best estimate is that this meeting will be over before 1pm. Please come if you can!

These Recommendations came out of the hearing in September 2010 that hundreds of you attended. They will be enacted if Council votes “YES” on Councilman Curtis Jones’ proposed bill to adopt them.

Please note that these recommendations also push to allow the public — YOU — greater participation in the DRBC public comment period. As it stands, public comment period on fracking regulations would close March 16th — no time at all — and there would be no DRBC meeting for public comment for the Philadelphia region.

Contacting City Council members to tell them to support this legislation is important. And, please thank Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and Councilman Curtis Jones for their leadership!

If you only have a moment, please send the e-letter we created and please take an extra moment to send it to all your friends!

If you contact your own City Councilperson directly, that will have more impact. You can contact any at-large Councilmember too, since they represent all Philadelphians. Regional residents can call too.

City Council Contact information: This site will show how to find your council member and provide contact information.

Sample phone call to most City Council members:
“We want you to do everything you can to completely stop fracking from ever beginning in the Delaware River Basin. Please pass Councilman Jones’ bill about protecting our watershed from gas drilling on January 27th! Please push for the DRBC to drop their March 16th deadline for public comment, and demand they hold a hearing in Philadelphia because we are downstream, and this is our drinking water. Thanks!”

Sample Phone call to Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and Councilman Curtis Jones:
“Thank you so much for your strong leadership in protecting citizens from the dangers of fracking. Now that the situation has become more urgent, please push very hard and publicly for the DRBC to drop their March 16th deadline on public comment, and insist that the DRBC hold a hearing in the Philadelphia area. Thanks!”

Sample letters to City Council members:

Dear Council______________,

I am very concerned about proposed fracking in the Delaware watershed. Fracking, also called Marcellus Shale gas drilling, poses serious danger to our drinking water, our air, our public health. Both short term threats and long-term threats from this type of drilling can hurt human health. Gas drilling will also hurt our economy in several ways.

Please attend the January 27th city council meeting and vote for Councilman Curtis Jones’ bill which will help protect us from the health impacts, environmental impacts, and negative economic impacts from gas drilling.


Dear Councilman Curtis Jones/ Blondell Reynolds Brown,

Thank you so much for your outstanding leadership in protecting Philadelphia citizens from fracking!

Thank you for organizing the informative hearing in September, and for being attentive throughout the many hours of testimony.

As you know, the situation changed radically and became much more urgent when the DRBC took steps a month ago to lift the gas drilling moratorium in our watershed. We need you to push hard, publicly, and quickly for the DRBC to extend public comment period for at least 6 months past their March 16th deadline! And we need even more of your great leadership to insist, to demand, that they hold one hearing in or near Philadelphia.

I am thrilled that more legislation is proposed and look forward to its’ passage on January 27th!


Thank you for everything you do!

-Ann Dixon, Protecting Our Waters member

p.s. — If you haven’t listened to the new radio show, “FRACK ALERT,” you can listen online.
It is one hour. The first show is all about the Delaware River Basin, plus a bit of national news and what you can do.


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