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Video from Peoples’ Oil & Gas Summit Pittsburgh PA November 19 & 20, 2010

January 14, 2011

Earthworks has edited and posted the first two videos from the People’s Oil & Gas Summit held back in November 2010.

“2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit: Panel 1- Health Impacts: “…This panel is the first discussion at the 2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit. Panelists will share real-life stories of health impacts being felt by citizens living with gas development, information on drilling and fracking chemicals known to have health impacts, as well as approaches for surveying community health impacts…”

“2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit- Panel 2: Economic Impacts: “…This is from the second panel from the Oil and Gas Summit. This session will include information on the range of socio-economic impacts and benefits that have been felt in communities already affected by natural gas drilling and production, as well as strategies that can be taken to reduce socio-economic impacts in communities…”


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