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Pennsylvania’s Governor-Elect Nominates Insiders for Top Environmental Posts

January 16, 2011

Take a look and get to know who incoming Governor Tom Corbett has appointed to Pennsylvania’s top environmental and energy positions.   These men will be the ones who head the DEP, creating and molding new industry regulations, running inspections and levying fines, and overseeing everything from how waste/produced water is handled to how drilling permits are sold.  We’ll have to wait and see how effective and aggressive they will be since their boss Corbett accepted over $800,000 in contributions from the natural gas industry over the last few years.

Read more in this Scranton Times Tribune article “Corbett names DEP team“.

And don’t forget to join in on the Tuesday January 18th rally in Harrisburg being organized by Gas Truth of Central PA.  Over 100 organizations from across Pennsylvania are coming out at 10:30am to Soldier’s Grove right behind our State Capitol building to send a clear message to incoming Governor Corbett that citizens want the Precautionary Principle, truth and the science to speak when it comes to drilling in the Marcellus.  Check out our January 4th posting under Action Alerts for more information or go to Gas Truth of Central PA’s Facebook page for the latest updates.  Hope to see you there!


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