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Uncontrolled gas leak, Talisman suspension, & new fracking chemical documents

January 29, 2011

Three items for the morning;

Officials in Quebec Canada are calling a recent leak near St. Hyacinthe “very, very worrying,” and fears the leak “could lead to contamination of underground water.”    Methane gas is leaking and rising to the surface uncontrolled from the natural gas well reports the Montreal Gazette.  The Environmental Department has sent notice to both companies responsible for the well, Canbriam and Talisman Energy Inc., and added that they thought the industry was “not in control of the situation.”

Talisman Energy is not only working up in Canada, but also right here in Pennsylvania.  According to the Calgary Herald, a “well-control incident” led to a “water-based fluid release” on January 16th and this in turn led Talisman to shut down all it’s operations across North America for over a week.

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, Inc. (TEDX) and founder Theo Colborn have just  issued new documents and press for full disclosure of fracking chemicals on their web site.  Take a look at the summary statement and spreadsheets.


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