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Onondaga Nation faces new environmental threat: Fracking

January 30, 2011

Jeanne Shenandoah, Eel Clan elder says “This cannot be allowed, for the sake of all living things.”

The Onondaga Nation “invested $10 million to construct and maintain a state-of-the-art spring-fed fresh water delivery system that provides clean drinking water to every home on their recognized territory.”   These fresh water springs that provide water for all the people’s needs are on the territory of the member nation of the Haudenosaunee Iroquois Confederacy, but the watersheds that feed the springs are not and could be contaminated by drilling if it is allowed to proceed.  Tens of thousands of leases are signed and waiting for New York’s moratorium to end in May 2012.  Read this entire story here on Indian Country.

The Haudenosaunee Flag represents the original five nations that were united in peace by the Peacemaker. The five nations includes: Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Mohawk and Oneida.

The  Haudenosaunee relationship with the land “goes far beyond federal and state legal concepts of ownership, possession, or other legal rights.  The Haudenosaunee are one with the land and all that depends on the land, and consider ourselves part of it. It is the duty of the Nations’ leaders to work for a healing of the land, to protect it, and to pass it on to future generations.”  Read the Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force’s statement on hydro-fracking for more.


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