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Penn State Student Protest as PSU Board of Trustees discuss energy options

January 31, 2011

Penn State University has decided to retire it’s old steam generation power plant and invest and switch over to all natural gas.  The discussion, which Penn State students think should continue a bit longer, should consider true alternative renewable choices.  Out with coal and in with gas it seems.  This is what Penn State’s board has decided is the best, most sustainable option.  Officer Braden Crooks of the local environmental student group Eco-Action said;

Eco Action members hold banners outside the HUB protesting Penn State's use of fossil fuels. Board of Trustees is set to discuss a switch to natural gas

“Penn State may claim this to be an environmentally considerate decision, but it is nothing of the sort. Though Natural Gas has been proven to burn cleaner than coal, new evidence suggests that through the life cycle of the resource, more greenhouse gases are emitted than coal.”

The switch over and modifications to the generation plant will cost between $20 and $35 million and be completed by 2014.

This all comes prior to President Obama visiting the campus for an invitation only talk and tour focused on energy.  Seems Penn State is ready to greet the President by the board unanimously approving the convertion the West Campus Steam Plant from coal to natural gas.

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