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Diesel Use In Gas Drilling Technique Is Labeled Violation

February 1, 2011

From the New York Times comes an article stating that the Safe Water Drinking Act may have been violated by gas drilling companies injecting tens of millions of gallons of diesel fuel into natural gas wells in over a dozen states including Pennsylvania.   The diesel fuel was a part of the total fracking mixture used to release the natural gas and could very well lend to ground water contamination.  Although fracking is exempt from being regulated thru the Safe Drinking Water Act thanks to the 2005 energy policies of Bush and Cheney, diesel is not.

Industry contends by stating that yes, “Oil and gas companies acknowledged using diesel fuel in their fracking fluids, but they rejected the House Democrats’ assertion that it was illegal. They said that the E.P.A. had never properly developed rules and procedures to regulate the use of diesel in fracking.”  The EPA investigation of the House Democrats accusations and cumulative impact studies are not due until later in 2012.  Until then, gas drilling companies will most likely continue to take the risk that no retroactive liabilities will be imposed.

Alternet also looks at this topic in an article titled ‘Oil and Gas Companies Illegally Using Diesel in Fracking‘.


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