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February 2, 2011

There are tons of maps and data archived and uploaded here at a site called Fractracker.  Managed by the Center For Healthy Communities at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, this site has valuable resources for almost anything you could be wanting to educate yourself about in regards to shale gas drilling.

Here is a brief tutorial on how the site is laid out and what is contained for citizens to access, upload, download, & map geo-located data related to gas extraction activities;

We’ve added Fractracker to our right hand “Get Educated’ sidebar as a link for you to find at a moment’s notice.  Of particular interest to residents and citizens of Pennsylvania are the dataset focused exclusively on our region.  Here are a few examples of the information and maps available;

Cancer Mortality Rates and Oil & Gas Locations

Core Biological Habitat Areas and Oil and Gas Violations and Violations at Horizontal Wells

Drilled Wells for Oil and Gas Since 1998 to 12/1/2010

Marcellus Wells and Poverty Rates

Oil and Gas Violations by Congressional District

Violations for Marcellus Wells by Watershed and River

You must register for an account to access the datasets but once you do you have access to tons of information and maps of Pennsylvania.  Wells drilled, permits issues, violations, production figures, school districts, unemployment figures, hospitals, and much more.  It’s all here and being updated frequently.


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