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Drilling Industry Says Diesel Use Was Legal

February 3, 2011

This much seems to be clear.  When a corporation’s only directive is the bottom line, profit becomes king.  Things like being a good neighbor, impacts on human health, and a clean environment are secondary concerns at best, externalized concerns more than likely.   The legalities may be unclear, but the main motivation is not.

Shale gas companies have been injecting huge amounts of diesel fuel into their wells for years and now stand behind the belief that they’ve done nothing wrong.  They’re fighting back against accusations they broke the law of the Safe Drinking Water Act. There is no denial that diesel was used as part of the hydrofracking mixtures but there is disagreement over the legality.  Industry claims the EPA never put in the proper regulations.  And members of Congress in a letter to the EPA claim the law was broken.

And while regulations and information continues to be reviewed and argued, industry drilling continues on a daily basis.


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