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Landowners unite to deal with drilling companies

February 8, 2011

Educating land owners.  Tighter environmental regulation.

Over the last five years, at least 100 landowners groups have been created all over Pennsylvania and New York, ranging in size from a couple of neighbors and a few hundred acres to 2,000 landowners and more than 100,000 acres.

“We have to stick together. It’s the strength-in-numbers strategy,” the Loretto group’s lead organizer, Lee Wyland, told his members at the beginning of the two-hour-long meeting. “If we don’t, they will pick us apart one-by-one — there’s no doubt about it.”

Sean D. Hamill of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that no matter where in the Marcellus or where in the Country, communities must stay together and not allow the landmen hired by the shale gas industry to take advantage.


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