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Public Comment DRBC draft regulations on fracking in the Delaware River watershed Feb 4, 2011 from Eileen Doyle

February 9, 2011

“Please extend the deadline for public comment. More time is needed to make the public aware of the process that is happening.

Please do not lift the moratorium until the completion of the EPA review. We need to slow down and look at the possible dire consequences from drilling and destroying a precious, natural, life-sustaining resource – our drinking water. Millions of people will be effected by damage to the water supply.

Originally, the Delaware River Watershed was put under protection with the intent that damage to this river basin was a potential threat to national security because so many people were deriving their water from this one watershed.

We have to take time. We have to educate people about this issue. It belongs to all of us and not to gas companies. People need to know the danger we face and the damage that has already occurred, not just in Pennsylvania, but in other parts of the country where “fracking” is ongoing.

It is wrong to make this decision without the completion of the EPA review. It is wrong to deny citizens the right to a full examination of the dangers and potential consequences should the water be contaminated. Once contaminated, the water can never be purified and still be a viable resource to the populace.”

Submitted by Eileen Doyle via The National Park Service’s (NPS) Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) online submission system.

Submit your own comment by going to the NPS web site, click on the ‘Open For Comment’ link to the left hand side and select the document ‘Natural Gas Development Regulations – DRAFT’.  Review the draft and click on the comment button above the draft.


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