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New York State to Require Environmental Impact Statement for Large Scale LPG Storage in NY Watershed

February 10, 2011

architectural sketch of a salt mine underground natural gas storage resevoir. Source: PB Energy Storage Services Inc.

From the DC Bureau is a piece written by Peter Mantius detailing the public’s alarm at plans for natural gas storage in the salt mines of the finger lakes region of New York State.  The risks of fire, explosion, fluid brine leaks and spills, and unwanted new truck and rail traffic have led area residents to ramp up public comments on the issue.

US Salt was recently acquired by Inergy (a natural gas pipeline and storage company) and their plan to build a storage hub comes as direct result from the gas rush and boom in the Marcellus.

Check out the following video presentations from detailing the storing of liquefied petroleum gas in the salt caverns by Thomas Shelley, chemical safety and hazardous materials specialist, and Peter Mantius, journalist on business and finance.


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