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Public Comment DRBC draft regulations on fracking in the Delaware River watershed Feb 11, 2011 from Poune Saberi

February 14, 2011

“It is distressing to think that in only a few months, I will be drinking water that has microscopic remnants of what has caused fish in other bodies of water to have complete sex change. I am of course referring to endocrine disrupting compounds that have caused male smallmouth bass in Potomac river to have eggs in their gonads. It is becoming more and more established that organic chemical compounds are endocrine disrupting and our persistent exposure to them do not follow the classic dose-response relationships. Mixtures of compounds affect physiology in unpredictable ways, and small amounts can have catastrophic effects.

I implore the the DRBC, to uphold the moratorium on gas drilling in the delaware river basin until we know more about the flow of fracking chemicals in ground water and how they can be treated in waste management sites. I implore the DRBC to extend the public comment period so that we Philadelphians can educate ourselves on how our downstream water will be affected. To be aware of science and yet turn a blind eye is unethical. I implore the DRBC to protect our health.”

Pouné Saberi

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  1. Eric Anderson permalink
    February 28, 2011 7:09 pm

    Wake up everyone! Open your eyes to the destruction of our planet! Do not allow the greed of the few to poison the many! These companies and others like them around the globe must be stopped. The profits they gain from Mother Earth while so many are starving and without clean water to drink is a great crime against all creatures large and small!
    If you wish to live out your remaining days in ignorance, trusting the safety of your drinking water…..your garden water……….the water your children use to brush their teeth every night…….to these money crooked politicians and the evil drilling mafia then so be it. You will have no one to blame but yourself when reality smacks us in the face!
    Now, to the governor. Sir, you are not that wealthy to avoid these consequences either . If you love your family, if you love the state you represent…… If you represent US at all……If you want to go down in history as the man that stood up to corporate greed and defended the waterways of our great state, then listen to the people please. Otherwise you may find thirsty americans looking for clean water in Harrisburg or maybe governor’s mansion.
    We need clean water. We Do Not Need Gas.

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