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Republicans Launch Sneak Attack on Clean Water in Budget

February 18, 2011

Corporate interests are pushing hard to weaken protections, regulations and laws that were intended to safeguard the waterways of the United States.  Weakening the EPA is the exact opposite of what is needed in the face of a natural gas extraction boom.

DC Bureau reports that “some environmentalists fear industry lobbyists responsible for weakening the Clean Water Act have successfully convinced the Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives to use this year’s Continuing Resolution budget to further weaken CWA regulations.”

“New York’s Assistant Commissioner for Water Resources James M. Tierney told The New York Times that the court decision creates a big problem. ‘There are whole watersheds that feed into New York’s drinking water supply that are, as of now, unprotected.’  The EPA says that over 100 million Americans are drinking water that comes from unguarded sources.”


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