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Lawsuit claims natural gas driller contaminated water in Big Flats

February 19, 2011

Contaminated drinking water caused by natural gas drilling in Big Flats New York has led 9 families to file a lawsuit against the Denver based drilling company Anschutz Exploration Corporation and it’s subsidiaries.   The law firm filing the claim says it is the state’s first case brought for groundwater contamination due to natural gas development and industrialization.

Workers adjust a drilling rig at Anschutz Exploration Corp.‘s natural gas well in Big Flats, N.Y. Photo: Peter Mantiu

“This is a warning to all gas drillers in the great State of New York that the health and safety of the residents and the environment must be placed ahead of corporate profits,”  law firm senior partner Marc Bern said in a prepared statement.

A December 2010 DCBureau piece provides more background about the Big Flats drilling and people affected.


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