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Is Gas the Solution to Our Coal Problem? Seriously?

February 20, 2011

“Only those unfamiliar with the energy use, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and health risks of the toxic chemical laden gas extraction process can point to a sunshine-y future with natural gas,” reports Alison Rose Levy, Health writer at the Huffington Post.

For two years she has been researching and following this topic leading to her belief that “addressing safety issues, and shifting both burden of proof, and the responsibility for addressing damage from communities and individuals to the industry,” as well as over-stated climate benefits all must be weighed in the examination of natural gas development.

Alison Rose Levy also points out how the corporate natural gas industry has a total unwillingness to cooperate with updated and new regulation, working hard to resist anything that would affect their financial bottom line, but has a complete willingness to spend resources on propaganda spin and public relations.

Read the full article here.


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