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Latest Attack on Gasland Film is ‘Outlandish’ and Josh Fox Tells Why the Industry Is Getting Desperate

February 24, 2011

Gasland director Josh Fox said industry attacks against his film are an act of desperation because the gas industry is “very, very upset about having lost control over the message.”

Read in this Alternet piece about how Fox thinks the natural gas industry has underestimated the power of citizens affected.

“Look, they can’t spin away these thousands of stories,” Fox said. “I mean literally thousands of contamination stories. And what’s at stake here is the water supply for millions of people.”  He added, “But what they’re underestimating is that we live here, there are hundreds of thousands of us and we’re not going anywhere.”

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  1. February 27, 2011 5:14 pm

    Please read the press release below concerning 2 recent rollbacks by Corbett that are bad for us and good for the drillers – is he really allowed to do these things? Methane gas pollution, which each well emits, is as dirty as coal in green house gases. To hear the lies of “drilling-clean energy” is outrageous and the president of the United States should stop this but he also is not. It is all about industry profits – keeps us back from developing more clean energy sources too.

    Penn Future Press Release Feb 2011
    PennFuture decries second Corbett Administration rollback of gas drilling regulations

    DEP rescinds rules that could require drillers to reduce air pollution

    (Harrisburg, PA): PennFuture’s President and CEO Jan Jarrett today expressed her extreme disappointment in the Corbett Administration’s rollback of a second regulation designed to protect the public from the impacts of gas drilling.

    “Today’s rollback of regulations that allow the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to require gas drillers to control air pollution is extremely disappointing,” said Jarrett. “It appears that the Corbett Administration and the new DEP want to bend over backwards to accommodate drilling industry wish lists. This comes on the heels of last week’s rollback of a policy that protected state parks from the impacts of drilling.”

    “This is unacceptable,” she continued. “As this week’s explosion in Washington County clearly shows, this industry needs more, not less, regulation and it needs a strong cop on the beat to enforce those regulations.”

    The policy DEP rescinded today set criteria for DEP to consider a collection of smaller sources of air pollution associated with related gas drilling activities as one large source of air pollution and require the drillers to install pollution controls to reduce the pollution. By rescinding the policy, DEP gives up a valuable tool for evaluating and reducing air pollution.

    “If this rollback stands, it could effectively exempt Marcellus drilling from key air pollution laws, close the door on citizen involvement in permits, and lead to more air pollution,” said Jarrett. “PennFuture will be working hard to get this policy reinstated so drilling does not make air pollution worse and pose larger threats to public health.”

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