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New York Wine and Tourism Industry Prepares To Battle Hydrofracking

February 28, 2011

Helen Slottje, an attorney from Ithaca, N.Y., argues that communities have the authority under land use law to ban heavy industry, including hydrofracking.

“Short-term, there will be damage to the roads, driving away tourism, bad publicity.  Long-term, there will be leaks and spills that poison the aquifers,” said Joyce and Art Hunt, owners of the Hunt Country Vineyards in Branchport, one of the region’s oldest and largest wineries.

“Any potential threat to our water supply is a threat to our business and livelihood,” said Simon Thorpe, president and CEO of Brewery Ommegang, a Belgian-owned brewer.

Peter Mantius writing for DCB Bureau looks at local communities and local businesses in the New York Finger Lake region who don’t want their rural homeland to be industrialized by the gas industry.


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