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Push on to test water after drilling reports

March 6, 2011

The New York Times Sunday article ‘Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers‘ on wastewater from the natural gas industry has resulted in loud calls for testing to be done on Pennsylvania’s public water supplies.

From here... (a frack waste pit in Susquehanna County PA)

US Representative Maurice D. Hinchey (D., N.Y.) wrote to EPA head Lisa Jackson; “Given this new information about natural gas drilling wastewater containing radioactive materials at levels ranging from hundreds and even thousands of times higher than what is considered acceptable, EPA should immediately require that all drinking water intakes within active natural gas drilling areas be tested for radioactivity and all other toxic substances.”

...To here... (tanker truck Bradford County PA) here... (McKeesport Sewage Treatment Plant - Source ProPublica)

...finally to here! (Dimock PA resident's drinking water)

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  1. March 17, 2011 6:45 pm

    That water still looks pretty nasty to me…

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