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Truman Burnett and Sherry Vargson Bradford County, Towanda PA

March 6, 2011

Powerful testimony and important personal stories.


Truman Burnett sits by his once thriving pond, now lifeless due to leaking frack tanks

Truman Burnett’s pond and well have been polluted.  The property he and his wife were planning their retirement on has been ruined by Chesapeake Energy’s leaking tanks.  Drilling accidents have killed the pond and destroyed the value of his property.

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Sherry Vargson walks her farm which has been polluted and taken over by gas pads and pipelines







Sherry Vargson leased her farm and now says it wasn’t worth it.  Vargson’s water well now has elevated explosive levels of methane.  The PA Department of Environmental Protection has determined this was caused by gas well drilling.  Chesapeake Energy runs equipment and compressor stations 24/7 which shake her home.  Her farm has lost the use of fields and acres of trees due to pipelines and the well pads.

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