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Lessons From Texas? Deep in the heart of the gas drilling controversy

March 8, 2011

Christine and Tim Ruggiero own10-acres in Decatur, Texas. Aruba Petroleum drilled wells on their property against their wishes. (Source: Michael Henninger/Post-Gazette)

Are the previous few years in Texas something that Pennsylvanians can look to for examples and lessons or will history simply repeat itself?  Unconventional natural gas drilling has been taking place in Texas for years and could show those of us here in the Northeast what may lay ahead.

Tim and Christine Ruggiero own property in Decatur Texas and have shared their story with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  Their 10 acre property, their daughter, their horses, and their lives have been seriously impacted.

” ‘Where they want to drill has a lot more to do with what is below the surface than what is above the surface,’ said Paula Knowles, an intern for Democratic state Rep. Lon Burnam doing graduate research at the University of Texas at Arlington on urban gas drilling.  Energy company geologists look for easily accessible shale and gas formations first ‘and then they deal with the other issues accordingly,’ she said.”

Each article in this two part series is accompanied by great video testimony from residents and officials.

Deep In The Heart; Lessons From Texas Part 1

Deep In The Heart; Lessons From Texas Part 2


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