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Quebec Slams Breaks On Shale-Gas Development

March 13, 2011

Quebec Cananda lies only hundreds of miles North of the Marcellus Shale here in the Northeast of the United States and has called a halt to unconventional natural gas development

Officials in Quebec, just above the Marcellus Shale in the Northeastern United States, are doing exactly what should be done here in the States.  Cumulative impact studies and science are leading to decision making and regulation.  Not industry calling the shots and politics leading the way science, caution, and health effects be damned.

The Quebec government has slammed the brakes on its emerging shale-gas industry, halting a controversial extraction process until it can better evaluate its environmental risks.”

“The announcement came just moments after Arcand released a report, anticipated for months, that examined almost every facet of Quebec’s shale-gas industry.”

“The report by Quebec’s environmental impact-assessment bureau concluded that there remained significant unknowns about the potential impact of fracturing on the environment.”

“We will not make any compromises on health, safety, or respect for the environment,” Quebec’s Environment Minister Pierre Arcand said.  He went on to state that “the development (of shale has) has to be done correctly, and if not there quite simply won’t be any.  That position is non-negotiable.”


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