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Pennsylvania man & his company accused of dumping gas wastewater

March 20, 2011

Late last week a waste hauler from Southeastern Pennsylvania and his company Allan’s Waste Water Service were accused of dumping fracking wastewater and sewage sludge illegally into local waterways and mine shafts.

“The state attorney general’s office filed 98 criminal counts against Robert Allan Shipman and 77 counts against his company.”

“Prosecutors said Shipman told his drivers to open valves at natural gas drilling wells, often at night or during rainstorms, so the wastewater would run into nearby waterways. He also is accused of telling drivers to dump the contents of their trucks into a floor drain that led directly to a nearby stream.”

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  1. Victoria Switzer permalink
    March 21, 2011 5:28 pm

    Wonder how many are not caught? Lots of woods, streams, hidden little spots for a dumping or two….

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