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Operation FracNET Focuses On Trucks Hauling Drilling Wastewater

March 25, 2011

Pennsylvania State Police launched a multi-day Opernation FracNet to help with environmental and traffic safety law compliance

The Pennsylvania State Police stepped up inspections on commercial vehicles hauling unconventional natural gas wastewater over a three-day period last week and placed 250 trucks out of service.

“Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski said 131 of the 250 vehicles placed out of service were trucks hauling waste water. He said 669 traffic citations and 818 written warnings were issued as the result of waste water truck inspections. In addition, 23 of the 45 drivers placed out of service during the operation were waste water vehicle operators.”

“Pawlowski said state troopers worked in partnership with personnel from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Public Utility Commission and the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as part of Operation FracNET. In total, 1,137 trucks were inspected from June 14-16.  He said the enforcement effort centered on identifying commercial vehicle safety deficiencies that could lead to crashes.”


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