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Voices From the Shale; Tim Ruggiero’s Message

March 27, 2011

Tim Ruggiero of Decatur Texas says he and his family have endured a "Home invasion" and that "Natural gas companies will behave badly, until made to stop."

Tim Ruggiero is a citizen and property owner in Decatur Texas.  He and his family have a story to share about the two wells on their land with landowners in the Marcellus Shale region of the Northeast when it comes to leasing land to the unconventional natural gas industry.

Tim says to “expect destruction of your peace & quiet, expect destruction of your home’s value, expect contamination of your water & air, and do not expect the gas company to be a “good neighbor” once the lease contract is signed or ‘taken’.”

He does not want anyone else to endure what he and his family went through so he’s sharing his nightmare story.

“Tim Ruggiero keeps a written and video record documenting Aruba Petroleum’s behavior 300 feet from their home.  The video record shows leaks from a frac-water tank and condensate tanks; leaking hoses and valves; methane leaking out of the ground through saturated soil; and “fugitive emissions” captured via infrared cameras and more.  All this from two drilling operations on 10 acres.”

Ruggiero has set up a video site on YouTube where he continually posts videos to document Aruba Petroleum’s unbelievable behavior and practices which are certainly not neighborly.


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