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Action Alert: Oppose Shale Gas Waste Injection Well Now; Deadline March 30th!

March 29, 2011

Dear Protectors,

Here is an urgent action you can take quickly on behalf of the Allegheny watershed, already endangered by fracking and even more threatened by a proposed deep injection well which would allow shale gas drilling waste to be disposed of unsafely, in an area where the underground geology is like swiss cheese.

Deadline:  Wednesday, March 30th

To protect drinking water for everyone who lives in the Allegheny River watershed, please immediately OPPOSE the proposed deep injection well for hydrofracking waste, proposed for Warren County (Columbus Township) in northwestern Pennsylvania.  

Quick easy link lets you send a letter to the EPA and meet the March 30th deadline so please do it now!

A key quote from the well-written letter you will send by using this link is:

“This EPA permitting scheme for injection wells… is a half-baked attempt to permit a potential environmental disaster, which will pollute drinking water aquifers – the public’s resource for clean, safe drinking water.”

Thanks everybody — Our solidarity with other watersheds is crucial, even as we fight for the life of the Delaware River Basin.  Look for more updates shortly on current events in the Philadelphia area and what else you can do during the DRBC comment period ending April 15th.

Information from the Allegheny Defense Project:

No Injection Wells for Shale Gas Waste Water

The US EPA is accepting public comment on the proposal to issue final UIC permits for injection wells for shale gas wastewater. Creating injection wells for shale gas waste water disposal threatens fresh water aquifers, and surface water from migration of the waste through abandoned, unplugged wells in the area. Injection wells in other areas of the country have caused earthquakes and their use has been recently banned.

If you have any questions about this comment period, Steve Platt right here in Philadelphia is the man to ask.

S. Stephen Platt
U.S. EPA, Region 3
Ground Water & Enforcement Branch (3WP22)
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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  1. charlotte permalink
    April 10, 2011 2:05 am

    I see these trucks near the river in Ford city..the tankers and residual waste marked trucks…are they dumping in my river?

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