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Dimock Pennsylvania Neighbors say Cabot not telling whole story

March 29, 2011

Attorney Marc Bern “called Cabot’s offer of three months ago ‘a PR gimmick- in reality an attempt to resolve the case as a nuisance rather than deal with the real dangers that these families face on a daily basis’.”

Dimock resident Craig Sautner shows off his polluted water. (Source: hudsonriverkeeper / via Flickr)

“Last week, George Stark, external relations director for Cabot Oil & Gas, confirmed that  since a settlement agreement was reached 90 days ago between Cabot and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, six persons have been paid out of a $4.1 million escrow account that was created to take care of people whose groundwater supplies were contaminated.  None of the 14 persons who initially brought a lawsuit against Cabot are among those six, however.”

Bern continued, “My clients are 100 percent united in continuing the fight against Cabot.  As a result of their (Cabot’s) negligence, my clients are denied fresh water which everyone else in the Commonwealth gets.”

“We will continue to fight in the courts until these good, honest, folks are properly compensated for what they’ve been put through.”

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