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Delaware River Basin gas drilling through ‘fracking’ process draws criticism

March 30, 2011

Workers on a unconventional natural gas drilling rig in Burlington PA (Source: Ralph Wilson/Associated Press)

Word that there is concern and criticism about unconventional natural gas fracking from citizens and environmental groups in the Delaware Watershed and across the country is spreading.

The New Jersey Times is printing a two part series looking at the fact that the drinking water for over 15 million people in the Delaware River Basin is in jeopardy.  Reporter Matt Fair looks at wastewater treatment, water withdrawals, treateability, and the new proposed DRBC regulations on which public comment ends April 15.

Fair also looks at the recent legislation proposed both at the Federal and State levels now working their way thru the system, one of which in New Jersey would “outlaw the process known as hydraulic fracturing entirely.”

“If we continue to rush drilling in the shale we will be turning the faucets in the Delaware River Basin into Tiki torches,” said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “We could also lose the Delaware River as a major recreation area and threaten the drinking water for millions of people.”

Part One: “Delaware River Basin gas drilling through ‘fracking’ process draws criticism

Part Two “N.J. proposal would outlaw ‘fracking’ process for natural gas drilling near Delaware River


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