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Ohio poised to take center stage in natural gas drilling debate as it considers tapping park lands

April 1, 2011

Marcellus and Utica Shale Formation map showing overlay in Ohio

Ohio has a new Governor and it looks like John Kasich is in favor of opening up drilling in the State.  State Park land is at risk as one of the first areas to be exploited.

“the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is busy preparing for the expected wave of new drilling on the state’s eastern end and for the likelihood that parks might be a part of that boom.”

“The drilling and fracking questions are particularly acute in Ohio right now because of the state’s financial woes and the promise that leasing of land for drilling could net untold millions of dollars, some of which could help cover a $500 million backlog in maintenance and repairs in the parks themselves.”

“I think the energy is building in the environmental community among hunters, fisherman, the Buckeye Forest Council, Sierra Club and lots of others over this,” Ron Prosek of the Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project said. “The proposed legislation has galvanized groups that had different focuses until now.”


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