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Mummers Parade Fracking Dance 2011

April 6, 2011

A little street theater to help get across the idea that fracking is bad for the environment?  Spreading the word in any way possible is a good way!

Watch as the Vaudevillains New Years Brigade performs ‘The Philly Phantasy Phorest’  in the 2011 Mummers Day Parade.

To help interpret what you’re watching as this dance unfolds, here is a play by play;

As the dance begins all the animals of the Pennsylvania forest frolic with the trees.  Then, the unconventional natural gas drilling rig moves down the center and starts fracking.  With spewing fracking fluid (people in yellow suits swirling around the drilling rig) everywhere, the animals and the forest retreat, while the big industry oil and gas man (wearing an orange hazard suit with the dollar signs) rejoices.  Suddenly the animals and forest regroup and chase away the drilling rig, clean up the fracking fluid and send the businessman packing.  Everyone celebrate as William Penn looks on to his beautiful green Penn’s Woods from the back of a pink unicorn.

  1. Poune Saberi permalink
    April 6, 2011 10:20 pm

    I am sure the spirit of William Penn is frowning down on any entity that rips out the heart of PA forests the way the natural gas industry does.


  1. Philadelphie organise la première schiste-parade » OWNIschiste

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