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There’s Nothing Natural About Natural Gas – It’s A Bridge To Nowhere

April 10, 2011

Jennifer Krill, program director at Rainforest Action Network, provides a great overview in taking a look at the many problems and issues  inherent in touting that natural gas is natural or that it’s a clean energy in any way.

” ‘Natural gas: the bridge to a clean energy future!’ Nice sound bite. But the reality is that natural gas is nothing but a bridge to more natural gas — and with it more water contamination, air pollution, global warming, and fractured communities.”

A natural gas well emits methane which is 20 to 30 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. With an estimated 600,000 gas wells across America, the climate impacts are enormous.

“America’s water is being poisoned with dozens of toxic drilling chemicals including benzene and toluene. Residents are being forced from their homes by air emissions, which are neither measured nor mitigated in any consistent fashion. Gas wells are surrounding peoples’ homes, with drill rigs within 150 feet of residences in some areas. In many cases, drilling is moving forward without the consent of the landowners and communities that are directly affected.”

“If the natural gas industry wants to be “clean,” it should embrace policies that mean no pollution of groundwater, drinking water, or surface waters; stringent controls on air pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions; protection for no-go zones, like drinking watersheds and sacred and wild lands; and respect for landowner rights, including the right to say no to drilling on their property.”

ISBN13: 9781580085618
ISBN10: 158008561x

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