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Fracking PR Tide Turns

April 16, 2011

Oil and gas industry rhetoric on the topic of fracking is turning nasty.

It’s become “typical of the posture displayed in letters to the editor columns across the state (New York), many of which read like pieces in right-wing blogs — vitriolic, largely fact-free, and wrapped in the flag.”

“In upstate New York, for instance, Richard Downey, director of a local landowner’s coalition that hopes to lease its land to drillers, recently published an opinion piece in the Oneonta Daily Star playing the class warfare card — claiming pro-drillers are good, truck-driving local folk, while the antis are Volvo-driving, brie-eating NIMBY elitists against anything ruining the view from their estate.”

“A recent editorial in The New York Post, for instance, did everything but claim anti-frackers are led by former Weatherman Bill Ayers, calling anti-frackers “Hard-core lefties and environmental groups” that include the Working Familes Party and”

“This characterization of the anti-frackers isn’t even true; in New York’s Marcellus Shale region, for instance, the anti-fracking forces include local families farming the same land since the Revolution. The same is becoming true in states as far apart as Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Wyoming, where concerns about the effect of hydro-fracking upon ground water supplies are getting more pronounced everyday — together with lawsuits over the same.”

“But the rhetoric is a good indication of how defensive the frackers have become, as a rising tide of media stories about the dangers of fracking to the environment appear alongside reports of serious environmental accidents, and local governments banning fracking within their precincts.”

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  1. April 16, 2011 8:11 am

    Well I do drive a Volvo (a 1990 that I bought for $1000) and brie is pretty tasty so I guess he nailed that one! The rest of his argument is pretty off base considering that all he wants to do is get rich quick with out working like the rest of us and poison our water in the process so then he can worry about things ruining the view from his estate.

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