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Texans Tour Marcellus April 25 til April 30th: Mayor Tillman and Tim Ruggiero of ShaleTest on “Truth Tour”

April 26, 2011

For Immediate Release:

DISH Mayor Calvin Tillman and Affected Property Owner Tim Ruggeiro, Co-Founders of, Will Be Touring the Marcellus Shale.

Dish Texas Mayor Calvin Tillman will be touring the Marcellus Shale region April 25 - April 30

DISH, TX — DISH mayor Calvin Tillman and affected Wise County property owner Tim Ruggiero will be touring the Marcellus Shale discussing, a non-profit environmental testing organization co-founded by the two.

Last fall the formation of ShaleTest was announced in Fort Worth. Since the announcement, the ShaleTest Board of Directors have been working on building the non-profit in an effort to to provide environmental testing to lower income families. DISH mayor Calvin Tillman says that “this will be my fourth trip to the Marcellus Shale and it will be great to announce ShaleTest to that area, it is our goal to have a permanent presence in this region soon “.

Texas land owner Tim Ruggiero co-founder of

Co-Founder Tim Ruggiero says “I have seen first hand the damage caused by drillers motivated more by profit than any attempt at being a Good Neighbor. Some drillers are reckless, cut corners and simply do not follow the law. Self-regulation and self-reporting are not working. Where there is no responsibility, there is no accountability. We need to drill, and we need the energy-but it needs to be done responsibly, with respect to people and their private property. I am excited to join Mayor Tillman on the 2011 Truth Tour on the Marcellus Shale.”

Board of Directors member Susan Knoll says “ShaleTest is here to help those people in gas-developing communities who are unable to help themselves”.

The tour will visit the following locations:

Monday – April 25, 2011:

Erie Art Museum,

411 State Street,

Erie, PA 16501

7:00 PM

Tuesday April 26, 2011:

Hughesville Fire Hall

Railroad & Water Street

Hughesville, PA

7:00 PM

Wednesday April 27, 20011:

Temple B’nai B’rith Auditorium

408 Wyoming Ave

Kingston, PA

7:00 PM

Thursday April 28, 2011:

Montrose Theatre

18 Public Ave

Montrose, PA

6:30-7:30 PM Showing of documentary ‘Frack’

7:45 PM Tillman/Ruggiero presentation

Friday April 29, 2011:

American Legion Hall

118 South Jensen Rd

Vestal, NY 13850

6:00 PM

Saturday 30, 20011:

Penn State University- Dubois Campus

Hiller Auditorium

Dubois, PA

7:00 PM

For More Information:


* Tim Ruggeiro, Co-Founder of

(917) 763-8901 ,

* Calvin Tillman, Mayor, DISH, TX

(940) 453-3640 ,


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