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Frack Water Challenge Event: Monday May 2nd, 12 noon at Corbett’s Philadelphia Office

May 1, 2011

What?   Frack Water Challenge

When?  Monday, May 2nd, noon – 1pm

Where? Governor Corbett’s Philadelphia Office @ 200 S. Broad (outside)

The Frack Water Challenge event is being organized by Protecting Our Waters ally EnergyJustice.  This is a chance for you to get involved.  Come out Monday May 2 from noon to 1pm.  Help tell our elected officials and the DEP that we want to protect our fellow citizens and the clean water we drink, not polluting corporations.  Help rescind the new DEP inspection policy recently put into place.

To learn more background information behind the need for this action, read the Earth Justice article “Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Pilot Project for Environmental Destruction” click here.

Event overview provided by Energy Justice:

“We’ll push the Corbett administration to rescind the Pennsylvania DEP’s new inspections policy and choose clean water over water contaminated with hundreds of toxic chemicals including dozens of known carcinogens. The Frack Water Challenge responds to the DEP’s regressive new inspections policy that gives unprecedented power to politically appointed, top-level DEP staff. The policy, which requires that inspectors stop issuing Notice of Violations (NOV) without prior approval from politically appointed DEP staff, has a 120 day trial period; this is the time to demonstrate our opposition.

The gas industry gave Gov. Corbett more than $800,000 in campaign contributions and relies on the Corbett administration to keep drilling largely unregulated and ignore dozens of violations every month. We’ll be outside his office on Monday to demonstrate our opposition: rescind the NOV policy, restore authority to trained inspectors, and protect our water!”

Raise a Glass
Cheers to Protect our People
Not our Polluters
Monday, May 2nd @ Noon
Governor Corbett’s Office
200 South Broad Street
Which sounds tastier?
Clean running tap water
or water laced with toxic
fracking chemicals?
Urge Corbett’s DEP to
rescind the policy
limiting gas inspectors’
authority and to stop
suppressing issuances of
Notice of Violations.
Take the H2O

Contact Amy Wilson (amy@energyjustice.net507-581-4421) for more information or to ask questions.

Please take a moment to download Protecting Our Waters’ letter demanding DEP Executive Deputy Secretary John Hines rescind the new violations policy.

Protecting Our Waters DEP-Fax

This letter can be faxed to the DEP offices 717-705-4980

It can also be printed out and mailed using snail mail to:

DEP Southeast Regional Office
2 East Main Street
Norristown, PA 19401


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