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Video: How to Fight Fracking and Win

May 4, 2011

“How to Fight Fracking and Win” is a truly positive and uplifting story in times that are increasingly challenging.  Jim and Jen Slotterback found out that their favorite park was destined for gas drilling.  In only 11 days they rallied their Williamsport Pennsylvania community, joined forces with the Responsible Drilling Alliance, and succeeded in saving it.  With this victory, they provide inspiration, experience, and energy to continue fighting against the oil and gas industry.  Now the couple is campaigning to save more than 700,ooo acres of forestland above the Marcellus Shale Formation in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Earthjustice for this video and this description of the film:

Jen Slotterback was hiking in her favorite park when she found signs of surveying for industrial gas drilling, or fracking. She went home and told her husband Jim, and although the two had never been actively involved in the issue of gas drilling, they immediately began a campaign to save the park. The board that controlled the park was set to vote on whether to drill in the park in 11 days. The story of the Slotterback’s journey of those 11 days is the subject of this film.  The Slotterbacks mobilized their community to save Rider Park. The board unanimously voted against the drilling. Now the Slotterbacks and RDA are campaigning to save more than 700,000 acres of forest throughout Pennsylvania from fracking.


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