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Over 1,200 Marcellus Shale gas well violations in 2010

May 6, 2011

Clean Water Action has finished an investigation of the Marcellus Shale region which found there to be over 1,200 natural gas well violations in 2010 alone.

They present data on these violations broken down by category, by offending company, and whether or not these corporations are represented on the Marcellus Shale Commission or are Governor Corbett donors .

Below are excerpts and highlights from the data released by Clean Water Action:

“Clean Water Action has found that gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale resulted in over 1,200 violations of environmental rules last year – that’s over 20 a week! Over 1 well in 6 had violations, included illegal dumping of toxic wastewater and failure to properly seal wells in order to protect drinking water supplies. Even worse, gas companies that are members of Gov. Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission are responsible for almost half of the violations! ”

Marcellus Shale Wells Drilled (2010): 1,454
Marcellus Shale Violations (2010): 1,227
Marcellus Shale Violations (2009): 656
Marcellus Shale Violations (2008): 206
% of Wells with Violations in 2010: 18%
Total # of Marcellus Shale Wells Drilled (2005-10): 2,498
Total # of Violations at Marcellus Shale sites (2008-10): 2,089

To download a PDF of the summary of violations compiled by Clean Water Action click here.


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