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Duke study finds methane in well water near gas drilling sites

May 10, 2011

Duke study finds methane in well water near gas drilling sites

Jackson said that close to natural gas sites, many wells – although not all – had methane, while only rarely did a well outside of a drilling area have methane.

“All we’ve done is ask if you’re more likely to have a problem if you live near a gas well. The answer is yes.”

Water pollution should give gas enthusiasts pause

‘Would you drink the water?” Somebody asked us that question after hearing about our team’s study showing high levels of methane in well water near natural-gas drilling sites.

Our team examined 68 private groundwater wells in Pennsylvania and New York. We found the average methane concentration to be 17 times higher in water wells located within a kilometer of active drilling sites. Some concentrations were dangerously high.


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