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Join forces June 7th: Come to Harrisburg and fight gas drilling

May 23, 2011

Protecting Our Waters urges all Pennsylvanians to join forces June 7th to tell Governor Corbett and our state legislators in Harrisburg exactly what we think about gas drilling.  We must follow up our recent collective victory in getting the terrible DEP inspections policy rescinded by getting our broader messsage across, not just defensive demands that keep a bad situation from getting even worse.

When:  June 7, 2011: 10 AM issues briefing; 12 noon – 1PM mid-day rally with speakers (including Josh Fox, director of the Academy Awards nominated documentary Gasland); continue meeting with legislators in afternoon

Where: State Capitol Building, Harrisburg

Why: This new type of gas drilling called fracking — high-volume slickwater horizontal hydrofracking with multiple wells per huge, paved 5-acre pad — is hurting air, water, and earth in Pennsylvania.  That hurts human health.  People have already experienced severe arsenic poisoning, skin lesions and respiratory distress in southwestern PA; numbness, serious cardiac symptoms and dizziness from barium poisoning in Bradford County; and these traumatized people are the canaries in the coal mine.  We must meet directly with our legislators and rally on the capitol steps in larger numbers than ever before.

Protecting Our Waters is delighted that not only PennEnvironment, but Physicians for Social Responsibility and other organizations are joining together.  Please put June 7th on your calendar right now and tell us that you plan to come!  The sooner we know how many people will participate, the sooner we can organize transportation.

There are at least five buses going to Harrisburg that day, including one leaving from Philly. Reserve your spot on the bus now! Purchase your bus ticket online for only $20.  If you are coming from the Philadelphia area or southeastern PA, please RSVP to Protecting Our Waters by emailing or calling Sylvia Metzler, our June 7th point person and transportation coordinator:  (215) 423-9375.  Please include your complete street address and zip code!!!  Also, please email your address to POW volunteer Sylvia Metzler at so she can set-up meetings with your legislators.

We will share your information with PennEnvironment so they can schedule meetings with legislators, unless you explicitly tell us not to.

Note: Protecting Our Waters, PennEnvironment, Physicians for Social Responsibility and others will definitely collaborate on transportation to get the most people there with the least fuel!

Please forward widely, as well.  Thanks for all you do.
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  1. G Preston permalink
    May 12, 2011 11:05 am

    OOPS, Sorry, I was looking for your post on the June 7th event in my earlier comment, and didn’t see it… So, I suggested that readers visit marcellus protest or pennenvironment to sign up for Lobby Day, but I guess it doesn’t matter how they get there as long as they do … We’re all working together as a coalition on this cause! I’m thrilled that Physicians for Responsible Medicine will be a part of this. They are a tremendous organization!
    Thanks, as always, for your wonderful fact-based reporting, and successful outreach!
    See you on the 7th!

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