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Protect Our People, Not Our Polluters May 18, 2011 Protest: Rally Speaker Julie Ann Edgar

May 23, 2011

Julie Ann Edgar speaking during the Protect our People, Not Our Polluters Protest in Philadelphia May 18, 2011

Julie Ann Edgar’s three-minute conscise philosophical position on the crime of FRACKING, delivered as a public address at the Protect Our People, Not Our Polluters Protest on May 18, 2011, is presented below in its entirety:

Thank-you, fellow frack-activists for clearing your schedule and making a point to be here today! You are all here because you realize a few simple, if clichéd things: you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, you don’t know the value of water until the wells runs dry, or gets poisoned, and ONCE YOU FRACK, YOU CAN’T GO BACK. The hydrocarbon economy, our reliance for global financial and quality-of-life betterment, being dependent on the extraction of crude oil from Mother Earth, is a dinosaur in its death throes. As we approach peak oil, as we watch the dollar fall, the value of resources such as gold and oil climb and climb; they increase in scarcity and price, but as WE have not lost sight of one thing, we stand here today outside of where Tom Ridge hawks the shale gas profit vision, as a testimony to remind these corporate raptors of what WE already know: oil, gold, and NATURAL GAS are MERE resources, but WATER=LIFE. We must bear this message bravely, loudly, proudly, insistently, &repeatedly until they hear us and we WIN, for victory IS ours because we have truth on our side, in the form of science, and in the form of having our hearts in the right place, seeing the bigger picture that if we disdain what sustains us, we won’t be around to need all that UNNATURAL-LY extracted GAS.

THIS is our message: PRIDE COMETH BEFORE A FALL.  The GAS industry, wielding their Halliburton high-volume, slick-water, horizontal hydrofracturing of deep shale gas extraction technology, has reached the outer limits of industrial HUBRISà they think that just because they CAN make obscene profits getting gas from shale, that they SHOULD do it. But there is a perfect analogy between BP drilling a mile beneath the deep sea floor and ruining the Gulf because things got out of their control, and setting off explosive pressures a mile beneath the earth’s crust while fracking, and things getting out of control: how many ill effects must we list? And the people who are suffering in the affected communities know them best: well contamination, poisoned air, noise pollution, truck traffic and road destruction among other vagaries the industry brings to small town & rural Pennsylvania, land contamination from spills and gas infrastructure, dead ponds and streams, sick and dead animals, and sick and dead people.  But all BIG GAS sees is dollar signs.  What we need to make them see is that the Earth has provided for us the perfect natural infrastructure to save, collect, clean, and dispense water to all life, and shale fracturing directly attacks that very infrastructure which sustains life through the gift of pure, clean, fresh water. It is our job to bring this to their attention. We stand and face a behemoth industry devoid of conscience which has the HUBRIS to think that it has the right to BILLIONS of gallons of PUBLIC fresh water, for FREE, to suck out of lakes, streams, and wells in order to turn it into poisonous and carcinogenic liquid for which there is no existing technology to purify it into potable water again.  We have nowhere to dispose of it safely, especially due to radioactivity which gets released when fracturing the shale. How SUPREMELY ironic is it that an industry which wants our fresh water is intent on robbing us of the natural systems which provide that very thing to us?!?! Public water for privatized profits; this must NOT be tolerated!

Fracking constitutes a consumptive use of water. What do I mean by that? The shale gas extraction industry is the VERY FIRST time industry has proposed, on a large scale, not simply to use our water, pollute it, and return it to the water cycle; but ALSO, between 60-70% of that water remains trapped in the deep shale formation, NEVER AGAIN to return to the water cycle, the cycle which turns a rain drop to a tear, to dew on a flower, to the very blood of a member of YOUR family!  We do not have 60% of billions of gallons of water to give away to industry and remove from the water cycle FOREVER!!! Water is already to scarce worldwide and threatened by privatization globally and locally. Fracking threatens the very integrity of our earth’s water provision system. Setting off bomb pressures beneath ground water reserves produces a vast and unquantified threat to safe, clean drinking water, and therefore gas frackers represent the last industry which deserves our water! Those here today have begun to take this threat very seriously and personally indeed. The situation is urgent. This last ditch attempt of these frackers to extract hydrocarbons by yet more destructive and invasive ways against Mother Earth shows their desperation. Defending against this threat is the defining issue of our time, right here, right now in Pennsylvania, in the tri-state area, in the Delaware and Chesapeake watersheds, across America, and around the world. Think globally, act locally! We are in the fight for our lives, to save this planet spiritually and ecologically, so tell everyone you know and love, WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM. DON’T FRACK YOUR MOTHER, it’s just not natural! Gas is just a resource, but water is life, and once you frack, you can’t go back.

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