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Get on the bus June 1st / Write a letter right now: Join the fight to keep ExxonMobil out of the Delaware Watershed

May 26, 2011

Get on the Bus for Clean Water!

Please join us at the DRBC NY Public Hearing:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 3:30-9:00 PM

Deposit High School Auditorium

171 Second Street, Deposit, NY 13754

ExxonMobile subsidiary XTO Energy wants to take 250,000 gallons of water per day from a trout stream that feeds the Delaware.  They have put in a water withdrawal application to remove a quarter of a million gallons of fresh water each and every day from Oquaga Creek for the purpose of using it during unconventional natural gas horizontal drilling and hydrofracking.  The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) provides the only review of this withdrawal.  The DRBC is holding a public hearing on the issue June 1.  It’s time to get on the bus, attend this public hearing, and let the DRBC know how wrong it would be to approve a water withdrawal like this during its gas drilling moratorium in the Delaware Watershed.

A FREE charter bus will start out from Philadelphia on Wednesday at about 10:00 AM with stops to pick up people on the way north to Deposit NY for the hearing. Seating is limited and those first to sign on will help dictate bus pick up locations! Contact Ginnie at or at  215-794-5658 to sign up for seats and for more details.

If you want to carpool to the public hearing use this link and password: water to access Delaware River Keeper Network’s private carpool site at Scroll down to see rides being posted for that date and then link up with the riders directly to arrange meeting up. You will need to become an eRideShare member (it’s free and easy) before adding or posting a ride.

Please also be sure to go here to get more details and to send a letter:

What: Free bus to Deposit, NY Hearing about ExxonMobil fracking in Delaware River watershed;

When: June 1st (Wednesday) leaving Philadelphia area 10 AM;

 How to reserve your seat:

Contact Ginnie at or at  215-794-5658 to sign up for seats;

If 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue in Philadelphia is a good pick-up spot for you, call Iris: (215) 840-6489.

What else: Can’t get on the bus? Please write a letter by June 1st opposing ExxonMobil’s water withdrawal for fracking.  You do not need to live in the Delaware River Basin to send a letter about this issue to the Delaware River Basin Commission, which has a federal Commissioner.

Why: ExxonMobil bought gas drilling subsidiary XTO for $29 billion and now ExxonMobil is determined to make a profit on their purchase, regardless of health and environmental concerns and public opposition.

ExxonMobil put a deceptive full-page ad in the Washington Post and New York Times pushing the claim that unconventional gas drilling is safe, avoiding any mention of the Duke study showing high methane contamination, the Cornell study showing that shale gas drilling is worse than coal for climate, or the repeated blowouts, exploding homes, fish kills, human health impacts, etc.

ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO spilled thousands of gallons of fracking fluid into an unnamed tributary to Sugar Run, in the Susquehanna River watershed, in 2010.

Controversial Exxon Advertisment running in NYT and Washington Post that greatly oversimplifies natural gas drilling

Let’s keep ExxonMobil out of the Delaware River Basin. Please write your letter right now and if you can, get on the bus. Get more details from Delaware Riverkeeper Network, our sister organization in this watershed and one of many fantastic allies pulling together on this. Let’s pull together now.

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