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49 Groups Oppose Governer Cuomo’s Lift of Fracking ban

July 12, 2011

Albany, NY:  On July 7th over 150 people marched to the state capital building to call on Governer Cuomo to reinstate the ban on hydro-fracking.  The press conference and emergency rally were organized only days after the D.E.C. announced an end to the moratorium on gas exploration in the state of NY.  Under new regulations, over 80% of NY state lands will be opened to gas drilling, with the exceptions of state-owned parks, State Forests and Wildlife Management areas.  Only two municipal watersheds will be protected, serving Syracuse and the City of New York.

Among the groups represented were Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Frack Action, and

For a full video of the speeches and press conference, click here.

Julia Walsh of Frack Action speaking at July 7th rally


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