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Shale Gas Outrage Summary

September 9, 2011

In spite of rising floodwaters which kept some away, created obstacles for many, and forced some to leave early, a large and spirited crowd of over 1,500 gathered, rallied, marched, honored our purpose with the Interfaith Blessing of the Waters, celebrated our success with a “Protect Our Beer” event at Yards’ — and then came together for two plenaries and 18 workshops yesterday.

At the Freedom from Fracking Conference opening plenary, impacted people, organizers, scientists and advocates, new and seasoned activists, learned and shared together all day.  Ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber emphasized the research on adoptive families suggesting that environmental factors are more significant than genetic factors as determinants of cancer.  She also brought forth angles entirely new to most people’s thinking — including the emerging research on thousands of little-understood species now thriving in the shale and other layers of deep rock, life forms currently being killed by biocides injected as part of fracking. Steingraber called fracking “insane” and expert hydrogeologist Paul Rubin said it should be banned.  We will post presentations / workshop summaries as they become available.

As flood waters continue to rise, an emerging coalition is issuing a statement about fracking fluid and flowback now being release into our ecosystem, a disaster we have all worked for years to sound the alarm about and to avert.  We will post that shortly.  Meanwhile below are some of the photos, video and releases from Shale Gas Outrage, collected in one place — also available here.

Press Releases:

September 7, 2011: Activist Crowd of 1,500 Confront Marcellus Shale industry
September 6, 2011: Shale Gas Outrage Release

August 31, 2011: Media Advisory, September 7th Press Conference

August 23, 2011: Josh Fox & Al Appleton to Speak
August 12, 2011: 9/7 Rally to Protect Air, Water, Earth, and Human Health


Shale Gas Outrage in Philadelphia on YouTube

Broadcast Quality 48-second clip (right-click and save):


Impacted People

Letter from Kimberlie McEvoy to Governor Corbett
Tim and Christine Ruggiero
Susan Breese
Ron Gulla
Stephen Cleghorn
Craig  & Julie Sautner

*Janet McIntyre was unable to attend September 7th’s press conference, but is available for interviews upon request.

Rally Speakers

Rally Speakers’ Bios

  1. Ann Guise permalink
    September 9, 2011 3:53 pm

    Thank you for organizing and pushing the issue. We must stop this possibility of harming our water.

  2. September 30, 2011 2:50 pm

    Wonderfull!! Go for it !! Thank you Josh, and juli, and Craig, and Dr. Theo Colborn!!!

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