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Call All Four Delaware River Basin Governors Now: Oh, Hey, That’s Our Drinking Water!

September 30, 2011

The Delaware River Basin Commission has announced a special meeting on November 21st to “consider” opening the Delaware River Basin to fracking, without any cumulative impact study and without waiting to find out why people and animals are getting sick, from Texas to Pennsylvania, in gas drilling areas.  The Commission consists of the governors of four states — PA, NY, NJ and DE — along with a federal representative from the Army Corps of Engineers.  This alert urges you to call the governors, each of whom appoints a representative who must vote according to the governor’s will.

Call the Guv:

All hands on deck: here are all four Delaware River Basin Governors’ phone numbers for you to call right now — don’t wait for November 21st to raise your voice!

It’s key to call during business hours to get a person to answer and record your comment; for three of the four governors, there is no way to leave a voicemail outside of business hours:

NJ Governor Christie’s office:  609-292-6000 (9 – 5 a live person answers)

NY Governor Cuomo’s office: 518-474-8390 (9 – 5 a live person answers)

PA Governor Tom “Corporate” Corbett’s office:  717-787-2500  (8:30 AM – 6 PM live person answers)

DE Governor Markell’s office:  302-577-3210 (you can leave a message at this number after hours)

Your message:  Be clear, concise and polite to the human being you are speaking with!  “Don’t drill the Delaware: Governor, tell your representative on the Delaware River Basin Commission to vote “no” on opening any part of the Delaware River watershed to fracking.  Maintain a complete moratorium to protect our economy, our health, and future generations.  Toxic chemicals, mystery liquids, radioactive materials mean polluted air, contaminated water, dead animals, sick people, and unbearable expense.  Stop this public health disaster before it starts.  Conduct a cumulative impact study, health impact study, and reconsider the moratorium in fifteen years.  We don’t need this gas — we need energy conservation, efficiency and renewables right now!”

Call the White House Comment Line:  202-456-1111 (a live person answers 9 – 5)

Your message: same as above, but tell President Obama to tell his Army Corps of Engineers representative to vote against fracking in the Delaware River Basin.  Maintain a complete moratorium:  Don’t Drill the Delaware.

Please keep in mind that you may research the facts on your own — a starting place is this very blog, which has a “search” tool — just scroll down on the right.  You may also want  to check out our “resources” page to learn more.   But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that since municipal water systems cannot filter the combination of toxic chemicals, radioactive materials, heavy metals and biocides present in fracking flowback, we don’t want any frack water in our water supply.

We can do without the increased asthma and other escalating health impacts from shale gas drilling’s air pollution, too.

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