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Protecting the Delaware River Basin is Critical to Stopping Drilling Elsewhere

September 30, 2011

Protecting Our Waters stands firm for a statewide moratorium on fracking in Pennsylvania.  The 2,000 people who came out to the Shale Gas Outrage march and rally from all over the state and region made clear they don’t want one more drilling permit to be issued. People are getting sick right now.  Scientists — biologists, ecologists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, biochemists, physicians and engineers — have shown that the bioaccumulation of poisons in our air, water, soil and food chain from HVHF (high-volume hydrofracking in shale) presents not only acute health risks but unacceptable risks far into the future from this technology, which has only been used in Pennsylvania in earnest since 2008.

The resistance in the Delaware River Basin has already been a game-changer, industry insiders admit.  By fighting for a continued moratorium in the Delaware River Basin, we make it clear that there IS a limit to the arrogance of this industry.

We believe it will be much easier to win the PA statewide moratorium, and increase pressure for environmental and health protections in the meantime, to the extent that thousands of people press persistently to keep the Delaware River Basin moratorium in place.

So, as this “D-day for the Delaware River Watershed” approaches you will hear a lot about it from us.  We are simultaneously developing statewide strategy; encouraging education about all the issues raised by fracking; building broader-based networks; and archiving all that happened and all that was learned at Shale Gas Outrage and the Freedom From Fracking Conference three weeks ago, to share with you.

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