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Ultimate Activist Guide: Protect PA Today. Bike, Bus, Boldly Go to Trenton 11/21. Nonviolence Trainings Sun. 11/20!

November 17, 2011

Below is the ultimate activist scoop:  how to influence the November 21st vote on fracking in the Delaware River Basin during the last 2 business days; how to get to Trenton on Mon. Nov. 21st for the public meeting and legally permitted rally; and how to participate in a peaceful nonviolent action in Trenton by attending a nonviolence training the evening before, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

First the news: Protecting Our Waters and Delaware Riverkeeper Network held a strong press conference Monday with leaders from labor, student, faith-based, business, national environmental and public health organizations speaking out against fracking in the Delaware River Basin. With Food and Water Watch, we delivered 73,910 letters and petitions to the Army Corps of Engineers office in Philadelphia, since the Army Corps of Engineers is a voting member of the Delaware River Basin Commission. Our coalition held similar press conferences in all four Delaware River Basin states!  Philadelphia Weekly posted great coverage here.

Statewide, all eyes this week are on two issues.  Please speak out against natural gas drilling brine being applied to roads in Pennsylvania by emailing Walter Scott by 5 pm Thursday November 17th (comment period was just extended til Thursday 5 pm); we don’t need toxic chemicals, heavy metals and intensely salty brine threatening to turn our freshwater saline over time, for “dust suppression,” “road stabilizing,” de-icing or any other purpose. Keep gas drilling waste off our land and out of our water, period.

Even more urgently, please call your PA State Rep today and tomorrow to oppose HB 1950.  The companion bill SB 1100 passed the PA Senate. This is a Dark Ages bill which takes away municipalities’ right to keep gas drilling out of residential neighborhoods, out of floodplains, away from playgrounds. Please call your PA state rep. now; more information here.

Now fight like hell for the Delaware River Basin!  Here’s how:

1.  Call the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) and President Obama.  The Corps will vote as President Obama, Commander in Chief, tells them to vote, but they also influence that vote — in fact the ACE is actually tallying calls “pro” and “con” fracking in the Delaware River Basin right now. The federal vote on November 21st could be the deciding vote! It must be a NO vote.

Call Colonel Christopher Larsen, Commander of the North Atlantic Division, USACE: 347-370-4501

Call President Obama: 202-456-1111

Please also email Colonel Christopher Larsen, DRBC Chair, here:

The DRBC (Delaware River Basin Commission) was funded by Congress under U.S. Supreme Court order to “protect and manage” the waters of the Delaware River. Although this watershed provides drinking water to 15.6 million people — 5% of all Americans — including NYC, Philadelphia, and 3 million New Jersey residents — the DRBC plans to vote on finalizing draft fracking regulations on Nov. 21.  (You can find the top ten things wrong with the new regs on the POW blog here.)  Composed of governor-appointed commissioners from NY, NJ, PA and DE plus the Army Corps of Engineers, this body needs 3 votes to pass a resolution.

The Delaware River can and must lead the country away from fracked natural gas. Stopping fracking in the Delaware River watershed is the first step towards leading America towards a truly sustainable energy future and away from insatiably destructive greed.

2.  Call the Governor of the State of Delaware (302) 744-4101.  Background for your Delaware call is here: — Pennsylvania will vote “yes” for fracking; New York will almost certainly vote “no” and New Jersey almost certainly vote “yes.” We need Delaware to vote “no”!

3.  GO TO TRENTON NOVEMBER 21st!  Walk there. Bike there. Bus, train or carpool there. Just go. We need large numbers to show we want our water — and our neighbors water — drinkable.  We want our animals living, not dead. We want our children asthma-free and we don’t want any leukemia spikes in this region. We want our air clean, our jobs safe and our economy sustainable.

Philly bus: Sign up for the Philadelphia Protecting Our Waters bus leaving 6:30 AM from JFK Boulevard, just west of 30th Street Station, here: – yes, we are getting a second bus!!

Philly bike: A contingent is meeting at 6 AM at the steps of the Art Museum to bike to Trenton by 9 AM. Bike route and directions provided by “No Frack” Bike Coordinator Len Albright  856-313-8473

Bus information from around the region HERE.

Be there for the vote: Monday, Nov. 21st in Trenton, N.J. 8 am —
Patriots Theater at the War Memorial, 1 Memorial Drive Trenton, N.J.


4.  This last from Josh Fox and our highly organized, coordinated team: GREAT NONVIOLENCE TRAININGS in Trenton and New York City are ready for you! Please make sure you sign up to attend one of these two trainings if you would like to learn more about and participate in nonviolent action to change the course of the day on Nov. 21st:  

Says Josh: “We are all gearing up for November 21st. Don’t miss it.

“Momentum is building… DRBC is trying to rob us of our right to have a voice in their hearing – but if we all show up together, we will make ourselves be heard, change the outcome, and protect the Delaware River. We can win – if we have enough people.  If you are out of the area, make the calls above.  If you are nearby, please consider joining in.  

“So here’s the plan: There are 2,000 seats in the auditorium. We need to fill as many of those seats as possible with people against fracking. Together we will engage in an ORGANIZED, DIGNIFIED, PEACEFUL protest. In order to plug in, we need you to come to a training the night before or attend the briefing the morning of the 21st. There will be two simultaneous evening trainings on Nov 20th, in NYC and in Trenton NJ. You can get the details and RSVP for them HERE. If you cannot attend a training, there will be a briefing the morning of the 21st (location and time TBA) for people to plug-in to the plan. There will be multiple roles for this creative action. If you can, bring $100 emergency money and your photo ID.  For more details, to sign up for pay-what-you-can buses, and to see Mark Ruffalo’s video please go to 

The Philadelphia transportation coordinator to get TO the Trenton Nonviolence Training on Sunday by 6:15 pm is Cecily Anderson: “Cecily Anderson” <>.  Currently ten warm seats available in vehicles leaving at 4:30 pm Sunday, and plenty of trains to Trenton.


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