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Remember the Susquehanna

November 27, 2011

Our good friend and ally Liz Rosenbaum of has an article reminding us to be thankful for the recent victory in protecting the Delaware River. She rehashes some of the dreadful injuries suffered in the Susquehanna River Watershed and asks “what can we do to help” there?

Rosenbaum also posted a new interview with EPA administrator Lisa Jackson on The Rachel Maddow Show. Jackson, still soft on fracked gas, touted the “immediate benefits” of gas for pollution and energy security. Deep into a piece primarily about the extreme Republican attacks on the EPA, Maddow asked Jackson about fracking. Jackson noted the in-progress EPA study and said, “as an environmentalist, I actually think natural gas is important to our country.”

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  1. Sally G permalink
    November 27, 2011 1:57 pm

    This is distressing; I have been a fan of Ms Jackson’s, was pleased when the president called her to Washington—when I complain about the vast majority of his appointments, I tend to forget that she was one of the few good ones. I was so distressed when Ms. Jackson’s work to get ozone standards lowered was postponed by Pres. Obama.
    Now, to hear her making favorable comments about natural gas is upsetting—has she at least balanced that support with specific concerns about fracking? Is her day-to-day involvement making her more “practical” about what can get done, and speaking in those terms?
    We must keep up the good fight!

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