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Urgent: Comment by 5 pm Wednesday 1/11/12 on New York State Impact Statement

January 10, 2012

What: Comment online on the New York State draft Supplemental Environmental Generic Impact Statement

When: By 5 pm Wednesday 1/11/12

Who Can Comment: Everyone in the U.S. — this is a national issue

How to Comment: Until noon Wednesday, use sample letters here (20 samples available) and add your own preface to the letter!

To comment directly til 1/11 5 pm on the New York State’s government website:

To take the time to back up your concerns with facts and news: Use the “SEARCH” feature on this blog– scroll down on right!

Why: While spikes in leukemia, asthma, breast cancer and other cancers related to shale gas drilling in the Barnett Shale in Texas are in the early stages of being documented and understood, New York has been the only state with abundant gas in the Marcellus Shale region to do the right thing and maintain a moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling from the beginning. Their environmental impact statement (dSGEIS), if adopted, would enable that moratorium to be lifted. The dSGEIS fails utterly to address public health, wastewater treatment, seismicity, fiscal responsibility, radioactivity and other major concerns. New York Senator Maurice Hinchey listed his top ten concerns in a letter to Governor Cuomo yesterday. Hinchey’s letter calls for the dSGEIS to be withdrawn.

If you live in or are downstream or downwind of New York State, this impacts you directly and urgently. If you live elsewhere please comment on principle. An injury to one is an injury to all, and it only takes a few minutes to comment. Every single comment helps maintain the moratorium in New York State; your voice matters! Below is more information if you need it. If not, until 12 noon Wednesday please go straight to the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy website with 20 sample letters available — or until 5 pm Wednesday, 1/11/12, comment directly online here:

Below is a statement from New Yorker Alice Zinnes, an expert on this issue. Please feel free to share this blog post, and all the links within it, far and wide, and fast. Thanks, Protectors!

Fracking is one of the most important issues facing our nation right now. Fracking currently is being done in 34 states, which means that just about all states will feel its impacts. Fracking contaminates the water, air, land and food. It is a ponzi scheme and so threatens our financial security. Fracking destroys just about the same number of traditional jobs as it creates in temporary, and usually migrant jobs. It devalues real estate. Banks and insurance agencies are pulling their mortgage and insurance plans out from property owners who have leased their land for fracking. And fracked gas is dirtier [for climate] than coal.

TOMORROW, JAN. 11 is the DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS on the dSGEIS (draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement) and fracking regulations for NY. All major and grassroots environmental groups agree these draft regulations must be rescinded. Please send in your comments!Catskill Citizens has made your job easy: It has posted 20 individual letters, each focused on a different issue, that you can sign. Signing all 20 letters will take you about five minutes.  As always, writing your own personal statement holds more weight with the authorities, but what is most important is that everyone send in comments.
As an example of the toxins that can contaminate people’s water as a result of gas drilling, here is a partial list of chemicals, heavy metals and radioactive materials found in the Sautner family’s drinking water, in Dimock, PA.  Heavy metals and radioactive materials are naturally occurring in the shale formation being drilled for gas, but are not “natural”  in drinking water and not safe for animal or human consumption.
TDS (total disovled solids)
thoramium 228
uranium 234, 235, 238 (235 and 238 are weapons grade)
Thanks to Alice Zinnes for the above, and to all the great and responsible organizers in New York who are asking for thousands more comments in the next 24 hours.
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