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Philly: Friday Morning Rally & Press Conference for Clean Water in Dimock

January 11, 2012

Protecting Our Waters, Frack Action, Food & Water Watch, and Clean Water Action Stand with Dimock Residents, Public Health and Environmental Advocates to Urge EPA to Send Water to Dimock.

We are organizing an emergency demonstration and press conference this Friday morning because the people of Dimock, PA must not endure one more day without clean safe water! Dimock families will be present and we hope you will too! Basics: Rally 8:30 AM; Press Conference 9 AM; outside the Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103. If possible, please bring 1, 2, and 5-gallon jugs of water we can donate to the families of Dimock.

Feel free to bring clearly lettered signs saying “CLEAN WATER FOR DIMOCK,” “EPA, DO THE RIGHT THING” and “WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT”

Gas drilling contaminated the aquifer in Dimock in 2008. PA DEP allowed Cabot Oil and Gas to cut off deliveries of clean water on November 30th, 2011, but the water is still toxic. The families are running out of donated water. One family is showering with pond water. The EPA has told all the families in no uncertain terms not to use their well water. Please help send a message to Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, who is speaking in Philadelphia at the Academy of Natural Sciences at 9:30 on Friday morning! We hope to meet with the EPA directly, as well.

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“We call on EPA to ensure that the families of Dimock do not endure another day without access to safe drinking water,” said biologist Sandra Steingraber and 25 health professionals in a letter to the EPA Monday.

Last week, several  Dimock families received phone calls from EPA Region 3, based in Philadelphia, assuring them that EPA would begin delivering safe clean water to them by Friday or Saturday. No delivery has happened and the EPA has, at this time, backed down from that promise.

With EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in town this Friday for a Town Hall with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, we have the perfect opportunity to tell the head of the EPA to do the right thing by providing clean water, a basic human right, to the affected families in Dimock.

What: Morning rally and press conference:

1. Demonstration asking EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to “do the right thing” by delivering clean water to victims of gas industry water contamination

2. Press Conference featuring residents of Dimock, PA, including Craig and Julie Sautner; and public health and environmental advocates

Join us the morning of Friday, January 13, 2012, outside the Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia

8:30am: Rally 
9:00am: Press Conference
9:30am: Lisa Jackson’s town hall meeting (inside, tickets required)

Background: Nineteen families in Dimock, Pennsylvania have suffered from contaminated drinking water for over three years. Despite enormous pressure brought to bear on them to sign a legal agreement requiring them to fall silent regarding their drinking water contamination, caused by Cabot Oil and Gas, eleven of the families have not signed a “non-disclosure clause” and therefore have maintained their freedom of speech. In December the EPA received documents showing the intensity and toxicity of these families’ drinking water contamination. The EPA has responded by telling the families, according to Craig Sautner, that “they absolutely don’t want us using our [water] wells at all.”

Yet Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has not only reneged on a promise made by former PA DEP Secretary John Hanger to provide all the affected families with a clean and permanent supply of drinking water, but it has allowed Cabot to cease providing safe clean drinking waters for these families. The families are becoming increasingly desperate, since Cabot’s last delivery was on November 30th.

  1. Nick permalink
    January 11, 2012 4:07 pm

    abe, are you a resident of Dimrock? this article doesn’t include the links to the contaminants. is that available?

  2. Leroy permalink
    January 12, 2012 11:35 pm

    Will Josh Fox be in attendance?

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