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Tues. Jan. 17th: Call, write, rally in Harrisburg: NO to “Impact Fee” bills SB1100 / HB1950!

January 15, 2012

Calling all PA Residents! Last Chance to Stop gas drilling takeover!

What: Rally and Press Conference in Harrisburg + Call and Write Your PA Legislators!

When: Rally 11 AM – 12 Noon; Call-in and Write-in all day Tuesday, January 17th

Where: Rally in Harrisburg on the steps under the Capitol dome.

How to get there: contact Protecting Our Waters’ CARPOOL and TRAIN COORDINATOR:

Liz Arnold   c (267) 745 7041

Why: The “impact fee” bill, which confuses the public because it sounds like a good thing to most folks, amounts to a drillers’ takeover of our state. It preempts municipalities’ zoning laws, which “cuts local governments out of the regulatory loop,” as a Chambersburg editorial opposing SB1100 / HB1950 puts it. That is an outrage, and there’s more. The setbacks are criminally tiny (drilling would be allowed within 500 feet of homes, schools, day care facilities and hospitals, and within 300 feet of waterways and wetlands). The bonding requirements are so absurdly small as to assure that taxpayers will wind up paying for Marcellus Shale gas drilling cleanup, and the bill overall speeds up gas drilling. SB1100/HB1950 must not pass!

Below is everything you need to attend the rally, write, call or lobby your legislators.  A fact sheet with Talking Points is here, and you can use all the material on this blog to build your own arguments against SB1100/HB1950 and for a moratorium.

Rally at the Capitol. The Pennsylvania Legislature is back in session next Tuesday,January 17th. To welcome them back, the Campaign for Clean Water, with at least 6 major environmental groups and dozens of small grassroots groups, plans a rally. PA citizens are urged to meet in Harrisburg from 11 am – 12 noon on the steps under the Capitol dome. The purpose of the rally is to deliver the message that our elected officials must protect our families, our properties and our communities by opposing legislation that challenges municipal rights and fails to protect the environment and our health.

The General Assembly ended 2011 by attempting to pass bills (SB 1100 & HB 1950) that would allow the state to deny local municipalities the power to determine what is best for each community with regards to natural gas operations.

Handing the gas industry this special treatment will have negative effects on your health, on residents’ property value, and on the quality of life in your neighborhood or community. Even if you personally live “off the shale”, if you live downstream, upstream communities’ inability to protect themselves means you cannot protect yourself from toxic air, water, soil and food chain either.

Join your fellow concerned Pennsylvanians on January 17th in the capital rotunda – Then lobby your legislators right after noon!

For current text of the Bills:


1.   Call your State Legislator NOW to tell them to VOTE NO on SB100 and HB1950; thank your elected representative if they voted NO on the Bill and ask them to vote NO again. All state legislators contact info can be found at:

2.   Southeastrn PA focus: Call and send a letter to key Senators in southeastern PA to tell them to VOTE NO on SB1100. The good news is that Senators McIlhinney and Tomlinson, who supported SB1100 at first, voted against the Bill after we all rallied outside their offices the second week of December. Please send them a big THANK YOU for listening to their constituents and standing up for community protections from gas drilling and ask them to stand strong to defeat the measure.

But Senators Pileggi, Greenleaf, Rafferty, and Erickson all need to hear that Pennsylvanians want local controls protected by their elected representatives and that they must vote NO on SB1100/HB1950.

Please CALL them today or SEND the sample letter  found at:

3.  Sign the on-line petition that thousands of others have signed over the past months telling our legislators NOT to approve SB1100/HB1950 and get your friends, family and neighbors to sign and circulate the link. That Petition is then sent to PA legislators and has been very effective in registering PA’s residents’ will. This takes just less than a minute: PETITION

Thank you for taking action this holiday season and as the New Year begins here in Pennsylvania.  It is a great way to share your commitment to others and to our future generations as we face these grave challenges to our water and our communities.

Let’s all stand up for local controls over the most dangerous industry our municipalities have faced in decades; at this time we need more controls over pollution, not less!

For more information or to send your letter RIGHT NOW! Go to: 

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