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Petition the White House to Rescind the Halliburton Loophole

January 31, 2012

Last year, the president’s official website rolled out a new petition platform called “We the People.” It allows groups to create petitions that are guaranteed to get a response from the Obama administration if enough people sign on.

On the heels of President Obama’s disturbing public enthusiasm for natural gas, the Choose Clean Water Coalition launched such a petition calling for the federal government “to protect our drinking water by restoring the protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act to natural gas drilling, to eliminate all other exemptions fracking enjoys, to prohibit drilling in national parks and highly sensitive lands and tightly restrict export of shale gas.”

Restoring the federal protections the industry is exempt from, thanks to the “Halliburton Loophole,” is a critical step towards slowing down the industry and protecting human and animal life.

If we can gather 25,000 signatures on this petition in a 30 day time period, it will compel the response of an administration official, and could potentially be leveraged into even further action.

Please sign the petition at to contribute to this effort. You must create a free account on the site to be able to sign. This all takes just a minute or two!

We encourage you to share the link [ ]to this petition far and wide and encourage your friends and supporters to sign! We’ve created a Facebook event page that you can easily invite all your friends to.

  1. Cynthia Hallahan permalink
    January 31, 2012 8:59 pm

    Dear President Obama and other staff:

    As a resident of Pittsburgh, in Western Pennsylvania’s frack land, I beg you to please help us guard our water supplies. The minerals and chemicals in the Allegheny River near us are rising, and we are all worried about our dependence on this water source.

    PLEASE CLOSE THE HALLIBURTON LOOPHOLE. It is not fair to have clean water regulations that do not apply because they are tailored to the natural gas industries convenience. They must protect the public!!! PLease!


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